Resources on analytical thinking for very busy people

This update is really short and quick – perfect if you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to it, but you’d like to take a look at some resources on analytical thinking.

Podcasts and videos

What is Analytic Thinking Vs Mathematical Thinking – good podcast episode with a focus on the use of analytical thinking in consulting

Analytical Thinking in 4 Steps – great video explaining analytical thinking for all analyst-type jobs

Blogs and articles

What Are Analytical Skills (And How to Strengthen Them For Success) – everything in one place

Analytical Thinking: 8 Natural Talents Leading to Action – while I wouldn’t say they’re natural talents but skills, it’s a good overview

Analytical Thinking – snappy visual presentation of key points

Analytical Thinking: Why You Need It and How to Get Better – emphasis on the difference between analytical and critical thinking


The Thinker’s Guide to Analytic Thinking (Thinker’s Guide Library)

Analytic Thinking – short pamphlet based on the book above

And if you have more time…

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I'm a researcher, academic and writer dedicated to becoming a better thinker. Every day, I practise thinkfulness: consciously adopting a structured approach to thinking in order to understand and change the world. The world needs all of us to become better thinkers, so let's start a thinkfulness revolution together!

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