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My research


I research big data analytics and its impact on knowing, learning and sense-making within organisations and at work. I want to know how the access to unprecedented amounts of data changes how we think, know, learn and make decisions. What does it mean for how we work? How does it change organisations? I investigate these questions by combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to research, blending the case study methodology with computational methods in social sciences.


In particular, I’m interested in how data is used in Artificial Intelligence systems in organisations, and how this changes what it means to know. I approach this subject both from an AI perspective and a philosophical angle focusing on epistemology. Through my research in this area, I want to help organisations think better with AI. You can learn more about my research here.


I teach data, technology and e-business subjects at a number of institutions, including London School of Economics and Political Science and University College London. In the past, I founded two companies (before we used to call them startups) and I joined an e-learning company where I was responsible for digital innovation. I was invited as a speaker at over 20 conferences in Europe, North America, South America and in the Middle East. I was a guest lecturer at Westminster University, London Metropolitan University, Cardiff University, Hull University, Universidad Europea de Valencia, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina. I design online courses and develop digital pedagogies.

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