Learn How To Become A Better Thinker


Let's start A Thinking revolution

So many of us grow up and live never learning how to think. The ability to think well is often taken for granted and hardly ever taught. And yet it is one of the most important skills you will ever have, one that can really set you apart. By becoming a better thinker you can advance in business, career and life. Just like with any other skill, you shouldn’t leave developing your thinking to chance. Instead, you should learn it in a solid, structured and systematic way.

The Academy of Thought offers you this approach so that you can become a better thinker. Through weekly teaching content, you learn how to think well with me, and you implement this knowledge in all areas of your life. Together, we can create a world where people are trained thinkers and are not afraid to use this skill. The world needs more people who are better thinkers more than ever. It’s time to start a thinking revolution!


How It works

Every week you receive study materials related to one thinking style. Weekly study materials cover different aspects, from the idea, through principles and applications, to tools and resources. New study materials are released every Friday.

The idea


In Week 1, you learn the core idea behind the thinking style. It's a video introduction to the style that sets the foundation for action.



Week 2 introduces the principal characteristics of the thinking style essential to apply it in any situation in writing.



Once you know the principles, in Week 3 you learn about the right tools that I curated to put this thinking style into practice.



When it comes to thinking styles, applying them in practice is the most challenging part. You will learn how to do this in Week 4.



Week 5 is all about evaluating the applications of the thinking style by assessing its benefits and shortcomings, and I do it in another video.

Next steps


Finally, in Week 6 you review what you learned about working with the thinking style, get valuable resources and share your views.