5 critical steps to apply analytical thinking with examples

5 critical steps to apply analytical thinking with examples Analytical thinking skills are on a rise. They made their way into job descriptions, interview questions and university curricula. Everybody wants us to think analytically, but nobody is very clear on what it means. If, like me, you were the kind of a child that opens […]

Do you want to become a better thinker? This is the one thing you need to try!

For most people, thinking is this cerebral, ephemeral, elusive activity that’s going on with varying intensity almost all the time when we’re awake. While we’re often aware that we’re thinking, we definitely associate it with an intangible process that’s sometimes hard to concretise. I used to approach thinking this way too, but I don’t anymore. […]

7 steps to becoming a better thinker

Becoming a better thinker can easily be seen as something that you can just decide to do from one day to another, as soon as you recognise the need. But thinking in a better way is not like a personality trait or a characteristic that we can just turn on and off as and when […]

How to stop thinking when you really need to? 5 sure ways to switch off

As you know, I’m all for thinking. I research, read and write about the ways to think better, create the right conditions and develop better thinking habits. But I also admit that sometimes the best thing you can do to become a better thinker is… stop thinking. I’ve certainly found myself in these never-ending spirals […]

Why should you have a to-think list and how to keep one?

Very many people I know keep a to-do list in one form or another. Myself, I’ve long realised that I need to keep track of things that need to happen today, this week, this month, this year (at varying levels of detail, of course), and I use a combination of a calendar and a paper […]

6 best thinking spaces in lockdown

We all know this feeling when we just need some space to think. Of course, it goes far beyond just the physical realm, it often means the right time, conditions and inspiration as well. Most often than not it means creating an environment where we can be alone and surrounded with less, so that our […]

How to create a habit of good thinking

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you have days when thinking just comes so easy and naturally. I’m facing a problem, and I just think about it a bit and a good solution appears as if by magic. But then there are days, sometimes too many at a time, when I’m frustrated by my own […]

Why thinking is much more like driving and much less like breathing, and why you should care

Think about the last time you wanted to learn a skill. It can be anything. Learning to drive a car came to my mind first, so I’m going to use it as an example. When I decided it was high time to get a driving licence, I knew you had to use the steering wheel […]

5 biggest obstacles to clear thinking

You must have found yourself, at least a few times, in a situation where you’re facing a problem, choice or decision, and you’re going around in circles, feeling like you’re not any closer to a solution. This is frustrating and can be really upsetting because you know you should be able to arrive at a […]

6 necessary habits of a good thinker

6 necessary habits of a good thinker When I first set out on the quest to become a better thinker, I expected that I’d come across some books, blogs and podcasts, spend some time going over the material, and after a bit of time my thinking will become, well, better. And then I’ll be done […]